Universal Gold Metal Connector Handsfree - Black (Compatible w/ Most Models)

Universal Gold Metal Connector Handsfree - Black (Compatible w/ Most Models)
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Product Description

This handsfree allows you to talk on the phone without holding the phone. It is for All Cellular Phones and other device phones using 2.5mm jack port. You can use this handsfree whether you are walking or driving. This handsfree can reduce the contact of harmful radiation from your phone and offer clear sound. It comes with a collar clip, convenient and low profile. Light weight and easy to carry.

Universal Type: KYOE1000, KYOK132, KYOK312, KYOK323, KYOK612, KYOKX16, KYOKX160, KYOKX5, LGAX390, LGAX830NT, LGC2000, LGCG225, LGCU400, LGENV2(LGVX9100), LGLX260, LGLX550, LGLX570, LGPM225, LGVX3400, LGVX350, LGVX5200, LGVX5300, LGVX5400, LGVX8100, LGVX8300, LGVX8350N, LGVX9400, LGVX9900, MOTC290, MOTE815, MOTI335NT, MOTI425, MOTI57, MOTIC920, MOTQ, MOTQ9m, MOTSIDEKICKSLIDE, MOTV235, MOTV260, MOTv323, MOTV325, MOTV360, MOTV361, MOTV365, MOTV710, MOTW315, MOTZ6TV, NK6205, SYKatana LX, UTS105, UTS120, UTS7075, UTS8630NT, UTS8905NT, UTS8932, UTS8945.