Travel Charger for seleted models of Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Palm, Sanyo, Kyocera cell phones

Travel Charger for seleted models of Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Palm, Sanyo, Kyocera cell phones
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Product Description


◦Electric Current: 600mA. ◦Input: DC12-24V ◦Output: 5.0-5.5V ◦Length of the Cable: 9.0 feet; Cable diameter: 3.5 mm. ◦IC(34063): Wide voltage operation range, operation from 3.0 V to 40 V Input; Low Standby Current, the output current have the function of restricting loading and over loading protection, it will avoid the damage to the mobile phone or charger; Output Switch Current is high to 1.5 A, you can adjust the output voltage (in 5V-12V); Frequency operation is high to 100 kHz, the inside base reference voltage is precision 2%. ◦Interior components and the PCB mainboard are all made of SGS environment protection material.

•Compatible Models: CASIO: C751 (G'zOne Ravine), CRICKET: M6000 (Zio), HEWLETT-PACKARD: iPAQ (Glisten), HUAWEI: M860 (Ascend), KYOCERA: E1100 (Neo), E2000, M1400 (Laylo), M2000 (X-TC), S1300 (Melo), S1310 (Domino), S2300(Torino/Loft), S4000 (Mako), LG: AX155, AX310, AX500 (Swift), AX585 (Rhythm), AX830, AX840 (Tritan), CF360, CT810 (Incite), ENV2 (VX9100), GD570 (Dlite), GD710 (Shine II), GR500 (Xenon), GR700 (Vu Plus), GS170, GS390 (Prime), GS505 (Sentio), GT550 (Encore), GT950 (Arena), GU295/GU292, GW370 (Neon II), GW820 (eXpo), LN240 (Remarq), LN510 (Rumor Touch), LW310 (Helix), LX265 (Rumor2), LX290, LX370, LX400, LX600 (Lotus), LX610 (Lotus Elite), MN240 (Imprint), MT310, MT375 (Lyric), UN430 (Wine II), UN610 (Mystique), UX220, UX265 (Banter), UX280 (Wine), UX310, UX700 (Bliss), VN250 (Cosmos), VN530 (Octane), VS740 (Ally), VX11000 (enV Touch), VX5500, VX5600 (Accolade), VX7100 (Glance), VX8360, VX8370 (Clout), VX8575 (Chocolate Touch), VX8610, VX9200 (enV3), VX9600 (Versa), MOTOROLA: A455 (Rival), A555 (Devour), A855 (Droid), A955 (Droid 2), Crush, E8, i1, i296, I410, i465 (Clutch), i576, i680 (Brute), i776, i856 (Debut), i890, i9, MB200 (CLIQ), MB300 (Backflip), MB501 (Cliq XT), MB502 (Charm), MB511 (Flipout), MB810 (Droid X), Q9h, QA1 (Karma), QA30 (Hint), QA4 (Evoke), V750, V8, V860 (Barrage), V9, V950, V9m, V9x, VE20, VE440, VU30, W766 (Entice), W845 (Quantico), WX404 (Grasp), Z6C, Z9, ZN4, ZN5 (zine), NOKIA: 1006, 1606, 2605, 2705 (Shade), 3606, 6205, 6350, 6750, 7205, 7705 (TWIST), E73 (Mode), PALM: Pixi, Pixi Plus, Treo Pro, TREO800w, PANTECH: CDM8999 (Crux), P9050 (LASER), RIM BlackBerry: 8220 (Pearl Flip), 8230 (Pearl Flip), 8520 (Curve), 8530 (Curve), 8900 (Curve), 9100 (Pearl 3G), 9300 (Curve 3G), 9330 (Curve 3G), 9500 (Storm), 9530 (Storm), 9550 (Storm2), 9630 (Tour), 9650 (Bold), 9700 (Bold), 9800 (Torch), SAMSUNG: A187, A197, A597 (Eternity II), A687 (Strive), A797 (Flight), A847 (Rugby II), A897 (Mythic), A927 (Flight II), D700 (Epic 4G), i220 (Code), I225 (Exec), i350 (Intrepid), i500 (Fascinate), i897 (Captivate), i920 (Omnia II), M220, M240, M320, M330, M350 (Seek), M540 (Rant), M550 (Exclaim), M560 (Reclaim), M570 (Restore), M630 (Highnote), M850 (Instinct HD), M900 (Moment), M910 (Intercept), M920 (Transform), R100 (Stunt), R330 (Stride), R350 (Freeform), R351 (Freeform), R360 (Freeform II), R460 (MyShot II), R470 (TWOSTEP), R560 (Messager II), R630 (Messager Touch), R850 (Caliber), R860, R880 (Acclaim), R900 (Craft), T249, T359, T369, T669 (Gravity T), T959 (Vibrant), U320 (Haven), U360 (Gusto), U460 (Intensity II), U820 (Reality), SANYO: 2700, 3810, 3820 (Vero), 6750 (Katana Eclipse), 6760 (Incognito), 6780 (Innuendo), Katana LX, PRO200, PRO700, S1, SHARP: FX, Kin One (Microsoft), Kin Two (Microsoft), SONY ERICSSON: U5a (Vivaz), X10a (Xperia), ZTE: E520 (Agent), F350 (Salute)