SAMSUNG Data Cable for Selected Models

SAMSUNG Data Cable for  Selected Models
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Product Description

◦It supports FBUS, MBUS duplex operation mode

◦This Data Cable supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 connections

◦Length of the cord:1.0meter, OD 3.4, (7*0.12)*4 black pure copper core

◦Third-party software is needed in order for the users to transfer/edit pictures, ring tones, and/or manage the phone book, calendar, and text message/SMS

◦This Data Cable is equipped with the charging function that will enable the users to transfer data and charge their cell phone at the same time

◦This Data Cable only serves as the connector between the cell phone and a computer

◦The input voltage of computer port is 5V

◦The electric current is 500mA(Max)

◦Data cable products take along with cable fastener

Compatible Models: SAMSUNG: A167, A177, A237, A257 (MAGNET), A517, A637, A737, A747, A767, A777, A827, A867 (Eternity), A887 (Solstice), i325, i617, i637 (Jack), i770 (Saga), i907 (Epix), i910 (Omnia), M300, M510, M520, M560 (Reclaim), M800 (Instinct), M810/S30 (Instinct), R200, R211, R300, R310 (Byline), R311 (Axle), R400, R410, R420 (Tint), R430, R450 (Messager), R500, R550 (Jetset), R600 (HueII), R610, R800 (Delve), T229, T239, T339, T349, T409, T429, T439, T459 (Gravity), T469 (Gravity 2), T539, T559 (Comeback), T659, T729, T739, T749 (Highlight), T819, T919 (Behold), T929 (Memoir), U350, U430, U440 (Gloss), U450 (Intensity), U490 (Trance), U700, U750 (ALIAS2), U810 (Renown), U900, U940, U960 (Rogue), Z400.