Samsung Cell Phone Car Charger for Selected Models

Samsung Cell Phone Car Charger for Selected Models
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Product Description

1. Input: AC110-220V; Output: 4.00 - 12.00v. 2. Charges a 750mAh standard battery from empty to full in less than 1.5 hours. 3. Cable length: 2 meters; OD: 3.5mm 4. Intelligent switching circuit recognizes a full battery and switches to a saver automatically. 5. LED charging indicator. 6. Short circuit and over loading protection.

Compatible Models:

SAMSUNG: A117, A127, A137, A167, A177, A237, A257 (MAGNET), A517, A637, A737, A747, A767, A777, A827, A837, A867 (Eternity), A877 (Impression), A887 (Solstice), i325, i617, i627 (Propel pro), i637 (Jack), i770 (Saga), i907 (Epix), i910 (Omnia), M300, M310, M510, M520, M800 (Instinct), M810/S30 (Instinct), R200, R211, R300, R310 (Byline), R311 (Axle), R400, R410, R420 (Tint), R430, R450 (Messager), R500, R520 (Trill), R550 (Jetset), R600 (HueII), R610, R800 (Delve), R810 (Finesse), T109, T119, T229, T239, T339, T349, T409, T429, T439, T459 (Gravity), T469 (Gravity 2), T539, T559 (Comeback), T659, T729, T739, T749 (Highlight), T819, T919 (Behold), T929 (Memoir), U310 (Knack), U350, U430, U440 (Gloss), U450 (Intensity), U470, U490 (Trance), U640 (Convoy), U650 (Sway), U700, U750 (ALIAS2), U810 (Renown), U900, U940, U960 (Rogue), Z400,