Motorola Olympus/Atrix Rubberized Hard Case - Black

Motorola Olympus/Atrix Rubberized Hard Case - Black
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Product Description

Protect and personalize your Motorola Atrix MB860 with this Rubberized hard case. This accessory provides protection by preventing scratches and its perfect fit make the phone looks as slim as if it acted as a invisible shield. Hard plastic was reinforced to the front edges, sides and back of the Motorola Atrix MB860 to endure the life of this case. This Shield Protector has openings precisely made for the top and side buttons, charger port/Dock Connector, headset jack and speaker to allow full access to all the phone and music functions the Motorola Atrix MB860 offers.

Universal Type: Motorola MB860 (Olympus/Atrix 4G)