LG Phone Charger for Selected Models

LG Phone Charger for Selected Models
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Product Description

Input: AC110-220V Output: 4.9-5.5V Electric Current: 900mA. Length of the Cable: 4.0 feet; Cable diameter: 3.0 mm. Plug the Travel charger into the electrical outlet socket, a blue light will be illuminated as an indication that the Travel charger is on standby mode and working normally. When the charging is finished, the red indicator light will turn to blue, the Travel charger is switched back to standby mode. PWM circuitry consists of High frequency transformer and Switching Transistors, it has the specialties of wide output voltage, stable capability, small output electric wave, safe separation of high voltage and low voltage.

Universal Type: LGCE110, LGVX5400, LGVX8350, LGVX8550, LGAX275, LGLX570, LGLX160, LGLX260, LGCU575, LGMG800C, LGVX8500, LGVX8600, LGVX9900, LGVX9400, LGVX8700, LGAX380, LGKE970, LGCU515, LGCU720, LGCU920, LGAX565.